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My name is Mlle Remple and I am the French teacher at St. Emile School. This is my 6th year teaching at St. Emile and I teach grades 6 to 8. 

In French we use a program called AIM (Accelerated Integrated Method). The program is based upon the use of stories and music for the teaching of French. The vocabulary has been carefully selected as essential for students during the initial stages for their language learning. Another component of this program is the Gesture Approach, a technique that uses hand signs to help students learn and remember this important vocabulary found in the plays, songs and other activities. There is an equal, strong emphasis on the develpment of all four language skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking) through a program that meets the needs of all language learners and their learning styles. Activities are varied, so that students have the opportunity to work individually, in partners, in small groups, and as a whole class.

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